Theories of City and Building Energy Systems

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In this lecture, you will develop an understanding – and a real working knowledge – of our energy technologies, policies and options. This will include analysis of the different opportunities and impacts of energy systems that exist within and between buildings and cities groups. Analysis of the range of current and future energy choices will be stressed, as well as the role of energy in determining local environmental conditions and the global climate


01 Energy:Key Isuues and Challenges(4/13)


Main sustainability issues of energy

02 Energy and Water in building and city(4/20)

03 Energy and Health for building and city(4/27)

04 Energy and Architecture for rual regional development(5/11)

no class (5/18)

05 Environmental Energy Center (5/25)

no class (6/01)

06 Energy and Biodiversity for use in building and city (6/08)


07 Assesment and Manegement for Sustainable Development Project (6/15)

08 Energy Efficiency in Building and city (6/22)  (6/22)

09 Prepare the report for Nakagami(6/29)

Subject_2017 for Professor Nakagami

Paper Materials

1.No.01 2.No2


10 special lecture Prof. Nakagami(7/21)

Lecture room N???

11 for Prof. Nakagami Lecture((7/21)

Lecture room N???

12 for Prof. Nakagami Lecture(7/22)

Lecture room N???

13 for Prof. Nakagami Lecture(7/22)

Lecture room N???

14 for Prof. Nakagami Lecture(7/22)

Lecture room N???

15 for Prof. Nakagami Lecture(7/22)

Lecture room N???