Pre-Conference Tour

If you want to participate the Pre-conference Tour, please apply it when you submit your Registration Form. 

Poster of Pre-conference Tour (English, PDF)

Pre-Conference ツアーのポスター (日本語, PDF)

Pre-conference Tour

A tour of Areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in Ishinomaki city and Onagawa-cho, to explore and discuss the Tsunami measurements. It is available to visit the Onagawa Nuclear Power Station, the closest nuclear plant to the epicentre of the March 2011 earthquake, as well as the new seawall in this plant.


9:40 AM Meeting point at Sightseeing bus parking area,
East Entrance of JR Sendai Station (referring to the Map)
10:00 AMDeparture from JR Sendai Station
11:00 AMVisiting the Shigeyoshi Substation of Tohoku Electrical
Power Co., Inc. from bus windows (Tsunami Measurements
in Ishinomaki)
12:00 AMVisiting the PR Center of the Onagawa Nuclear Power Station
Lunch@PR Center
1:30 PMDeparture from the PR Center to nuclear power station
1:40 PMVisiting the Onagawa Nuclear Power Station
2:40 PMDeparture from the nuclear power station to PR Center
3:00 PMDeparture from the PR Center
3:40 PMVisiting the Takamasa Co., Inc. @ Onagawa-cho
(All-electric Kamaboko Plant)
5:00 PMDeparture from the Takamasa Co., Inc.
5:45 PMArriving at Hotel Matsushima Taikanso


1.Please bring a photo ID (driver’s license or residence card for residents in Japan, or passport for overseas residents).

2.All the information filled in the registration form should be in accordance with those in your ID.