After-conference Tour

Poster of After-conference Tour (Engilsh, PDF)

After-conferenceのツアーのポスター (日本語、PDF)

After-conference Tour

Reconstruction at Areas Affected by the 3.11 Earthquake

A tour of reconstruction at the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, especially to learn the past, the present, and the future of Higashimatsushima. The following places will be available:

  • Higashimatsushima Earthquake Reconstruction Lore Museum
  • Nobiru Area Relocated to Higher Ground Along with the JR Senseki Line
  • Zuiganji Temple’s conservation and repair project (Matsushima-cho)
  • Matsushima Bay Cruise (from Matsuhima to Shiogama)

Sunday, November 10th 2019


8:40Meeting at the hotel entrance
9:00Departure from the hotel
9:30Higashimatsushima Earthquake Reconstruction Lore Museum
10:15Nobiru Area Relocated to Higher Ground
11:00Zuiganji Temple s conservation and repair project
12:00Matsushima Bay Cruise
13:00L unch at Shiogama
14:00Departure from Shiogama
15:00A rrive at the Sendai station

Cost  ¥ 3,500

Zui gan ji Temple Admission Fee
Cruise Ship F ee
Lunch Fee at Shiogama