Access to the conference venue

    • For participants in the symposium in Osaka City on 6th November
           FREE BUS Service from Osaka to the Hotel !
      After the symposium on 6th November, the free shuttle bus to the hotel will available. Further information will announce at the venue.
    • Those who access directly to the conference venue
      Please take Takarazuka Line of Hankyu Railways Co.. From Osaka-Umeda district, please go to Hankyu Umeda Terminal. From this terminal, 3 different lines are departing. So, please make sure to take the  Takarazuka Line. Every train at the Takarazuka line stops at Ikeda Station. I recommend using express train to save your time. Leave the train at Ikeda Station. At the ticket gate, our staff will guide you to the bus service to the hotel (venue of the conference). 阪急梅田駅から宝塚線にお乗り下さい。阪急梅田駅からは神戸線、京都線もでておりますので、お乗り間違えの無いようお気をつけ下さい。宝塚線のどの列車も池田駅に止まりますが、急行が便利です。池田駅改札にスタッフがシャトルバスのりばまでご案内します。

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